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Crestliner Boats

 Crestliner Boats was founded sixty years ago, in 1946. The company was one of the most innovative and creative boat builders in the industry, and they still are. Crestliner was the very first company to make welded hulls. In 1964, when the other riveted boat companies could not quite perfect the welded hull, Crestliner was creating their revolutionary tongue-and-groove UniWeld hulls. They led the way in this area for every other aluminum boat manufacturer in the industry, and today, all aluminum boats have welded hulls. Crestliner’s unique UniWeld process ensures that their welds are stronger than any other in the industry today. No other boat manufacturer can even come close to matching Crestliner’s UniWeld technology. 

      This company is one of the best aluminum boat builders in the business because they have employed many different innovations to help create better boats. Some of the improvements that Crestliner Boats use are:

  • Wide Beam – enhances stability and provides more space
  • Fit Finish – incomparable finish
  • Interior Crest-Liner Coating – weather and impact resistant and helps dampen vibration

Crestliner has been making top of the line aluminum boats for over half of a century, and they take pride in their legacy of quality boats and the innovations and designs that have pushed them to the top. They are so confident in their boats and in their Uniweld hulls that they have come up with a unique warranty called the Limited Plus Three Protection Plan. This warranty covers all of the hulls of Crestliner boats for life. Most boat companies say that they will also cover their hulls for life, but when the customer reads the fine print, they always see that “life” does not really mean what they think it does. With Crestliner’s Limited Plus Three Protection Plan however, the phrase “for life” actually means what it says. Every hull is guaranteed for life for the original owner. The rest of the boat, from the bow to the stern, parts and accessories included, is guaranteed for three years.  

      Crestliner has four superior boat categories, with nineteen series in total. The Fishing Boat category has eight series, which include tournament bass boats and sport and angler boats. The boat series in this category are the Tournament Series, Fish Hawk Series, Sport Angler Series, CMV Series, CXJ Series, CX Series, Angler Series, and the Canadian Series. Some of the models in these series’ are:

  • Tournament Series 192 SC – first choice of Crestliner’s professional anglers
  • Fish Hawk 1750 Triller – best-selling performance angler boat
  • Sport Angler 1750 – pure fishing layout
  • CMV 1850 – great for bass or muskie anglers
  • CXJ 1760 – pre-rigged trolling motor outlet
  • CX 1860 – fast and stable with huge storage
  • Angler 1600 – affordable, feature-packed performance
  • Canadian 14 Tiller – hard-working and easy maintenance

The second category of boats is the Fish and Sport Boats. With two series and nine boats between them, this category has something for everyone. The Sportfish Series has six models:

  • Sportfish 1850 O/B, Sportfish 1850 Sterndrive, Sportfish 1950 O/B, Sportfish 1950 Sterndrive, Sportfish 2150 O/B, and Sportfish 2150 Sterndrive. These boats all come with custom features like:
    • Conversion bows, generous seating, incredible fishing features

The second series in this category is the Mirage Series. There are three models in this series:

  • Mirage 1700, Mirage 1800, and Mirage 2000. These three boats have features such as:
    • Innovative designs, extreme versatility and stability and affordability

Pontoon Boats make up the third group of Crestliner boats. This category has five series in total, and each model is made for luxury, fun and everything in between. The series in this group are the LSi Series, LSi Angler Edition Series, Cfi Series, Sport LX Series, and the Sport Classic Series. The LSi Angler Edition Series has three models:

  • LSi Angler 2085, LSi 2285, and the LSi Angler 2485. All of these boats offer features like:
    • Forward lounge seating, double-stitched upholstery, and under-deck splash guards

The last category of Crestliner boats is Utility Boats. There are four series in this group, and each model is built for practical fishing fun. The series in the Utility category are the Sportsman Series, XCR Series, Welded Modified-V Jon Boats, and the Riveted Jon Boats. The XCR Series offers affordable, riveted V-hull boats, and the models in this series are:

  • XCR 1256 V, XCR 1462 V, XCR 1667 V, and XCR 1667 V. Some of the features these boats include are:
    • Extruded keels, aluminum clad transoms, drainage channels, and oar locks
       The Deep V hulls and the reverse chine designs of Crestliner’s boats give them immediate lift, faster planning, and a high, soft ride. Also, the two-part paint process that they use, called the Armor-Guard finish, is extremely durable as well as attractive. Crestliner boats all have elevated helms and extra-high walk-through windshields to give boaters a better view of the water. Crestliner customers are welcome to view these features and many more like them at boat shows all over the country, as well as at the company’s extensive number of dealerships, which are also located all across the country. 
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